Photo by Sierra Z & Lora Warnick
My name is Jess, and like most girls I am a beauty and style addict! I’ve been styling outfits since I was old enough to tie my shoes, and I’ve been dreaming of my career in New York City since my first visit at the age of 8. I was fascinated by the upbeat and fast paced culture. I grew up in a very small town just over 60 miles West of Manhattan. I spent most of my teen years completely over dressed-just ask my friends. I’ve heard the line, “where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” one too many times, but life is a celebration so we should dress for the occasion, right?!

Throughout college, I focused my studies on marketing, public relations, and fashion. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to intern at an online magazine in NYC over the summer of my Sophomore year of college. The commute was insane, around two hours door to door (one way). It was hard to give up the beach days and summer nights, but I found myself so completely inspired every time I walked up from the subway platform and out into the city streets. After a summer filled with excitement, I knew that this was just the very beginning of my journey. Today, I find myself in the very city I dreamed of growing up, working alongside the most talented marketers in the industry.

I decided to launch Dressedby-jess.com as a way to inspire individuals to develop a harmony between clothes and their personality. Style is an unspoken language that we direct at others. Just think about it, if you feel self-conscious in a bad outfit it can wreck your whole day, but the second you slip on something that suits you, your whole demeanor changes. You’re happy, confident, beautiful…YOU! I draw inspiration for my own style from fashion icons, women I see in the streets, photos, illustrations…everywhere! Dressedby-jess.com is an everyday style guide to empower others to dress easy, glamorous, and chic through style tips and tricks.

 Finding your own personal style: Clothes to me, are the purest form of self-identity. I believe in a style that expresses your inner self. You should never disguise your personality. Always be aware of who you are. I like to stay on trend, but in my own way. I hope to inspire you to do the same!

Dressed by Jess Terms & Conditions: This is a safety zone, no judgement allowed. I welcome all forms of style, and I write for women/men who are truly independent, but are looking for fun ways to elevate their look.


  1. you are adorable! I just love this. I can totally relate to the "where do you think you're going like that" comments...the life of a fashionista! haha! Keep it up :) xo Christina

    1. You are the sweetest. Your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you doll! <3

  2. I love your style, your blog, and it looks like you just had a birthday so Happy Birthday to You! Patrick at ThreadWeather

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