Monday, March 30, 2015

Ruffles In The Back Streets

Last night on Instagram I told you I would be sharing one of my favorite spots in Hoboken and well, here it is! This is Court Street. Every time I walk past this street a little piece of my heart jumps. Something about the narrow roadway, the cobblestone, and all of the grungey details makes me feel like I've been whisked away to Europe. I really should change my blog name to the dainty little details, because if there's one thing I appreciate in life, it's the small details. This street is full of them. If you were expecting me to bring you to a glamorous spot on the waterfront then I'm sorry to disappoint. I'll save that for a future post. 

Enough about the scenery, more about the outfit! I bought this double ruffle top from Bloomingdales over the weekend during their friends and family sale and could not wait to put it on. This top features just the right amount of volume and feminine touches. I really wanted the white version but the material is very delicate and I could foresee myself spilling all sorts of makeup or food on it. Fun fact, my nickname is messy Jessie. I actually loathe this name, but it really is so true. I spill something on myself at least once a day. I'm a dry cleaner's dream.

Hope you all have a great week! 


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday DBJ!

 Outfit Details: JCrew Orange Print Top, Madewell Slim Boyfriend Jeans, BCBG Blazer, Kate Spade Watch, Ray Ban Aviators, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes (similar)

It's officially been 1 full year since I started my blog. ONE year! To me, this blog is an extension of my heart. I know that may sound super strange to some people, but to me style is an expression of our personality. It's poetic and should be used to help boost our confidence. When I first launched my blog last March, I envisioned creating an environment where everyone could come to pull inspiration or knowledge for their own wardrobe (sorry men- I'm slightly lacking in your department but I hope to change that one day very soon). After a few months, I started to receive Facebook messages and emails with photos of real life wardrobe inspiration from friends, family members, and even strangers. That's what I do this for. I enjoy sharing my weekly outfit posts, but I enjoy even more seeing your outfits and hearing how something presented on my blog was used to help build a special outfit.  

I do have to admit the past year has not been easy. There were so many moments when I thought I couldn't handle my blog on top of my full-time job, or I would get discouraged spending hours trying to figure out photoshop, new blogging platforms, how to resize photos properly without losing resolution, or even how to code to customize a post. Seriously, this list could go on for hours. There was so much I did not know, so much to learn on top of simultaneously trying to stay afloat. And I'm still learning...that's why this blog has become so special to me. It's created a platform for me to share my passion, but it's also challenged me. 

I could spend hours talking about my blog journey this past year, but what I really want to do is thank everyone who has offered to help me, guide me, provide direction, advice, or even a connection to a brand or person I wouldn't otherwise have. I started to list out friends, family members, colleagues, bloggers, photographers, and acquaintances I've made via social media who have supported myself and this blog, but then I was like yikes, this list is really long and it's going to feel like a graduation roll call. So from the very bottom of my soul, thank you to everyone who has supported me, shared my posts, cheered me on and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. 

We are never quite sure at the beginning of every journey where it will take us, and along the way we still might feel uncertain. Just remember as long as you are constantly learning, refining your skills, and laughing along the way, it's still worth it. 

Special shout-out to my fiance, mother, and sister for volunteering to help take my photos...or perhaps being forced to ;). Love you, mean it.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Style At Your Doorstep: Moxie Box

Outfit Details: H&M Blazer, Target HeelsExpress Skinny Jeans, Marc Jacobs Clutch, Rocksbox Statement Necklace and Midi Ring, Moxie Box Top and Necklaces (c/o), Kate Spade Watch

Do you ever wish that at the snap of your fingertips someone would hand deliver a rack of new clothing to your home? You know, sort of like a VIP style service? Well, I wish that every day because it's so hard for me to find the time to actually go shopping. Which is why I'm delighted to introduce you to Moxie Box. Moxie Box is a subscription-based and personalized style program that consists of fashion and lifestyle products. Each box is filled with chic and trendy pieces hand-selected just for you. It's not a generic or robotic program comprised of small samples. Your box will be complete with items that cater to your style based off of the Personal Style Profile you fill out.

The box I received came with this white high-low top (featured above), dainty feather layering necklaces, and a tangy grapefruit candle that smells delicious. I truly enjoyed each piece in the box, and I'm excited to re-style this high-low top again in the summer. The open back just screams to be worn with a lacey bralette and a pair of denim shorts. The Moxie Box is literally style delivered straight to your doorstep without the fuss of online shopping or the inconvenience of a trip to the mall. It doesn't feel like a subscription, it feels like a gift!

You can purchase a monthly subscription for yourself or you can surprise a special friend or family member with one. Below is an actual picture of the Moxie Box to give you an idea of size. Some examples of the items you might receive in your box include necklaces (statement or layering pieces), trendy tops, graphic tees, scarves, wallets, clutches, small home accessories...and more! Subscriptions start at $32.99. Click here to learn more and perhaps even order one for yourself ;). As always, happy shopping!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fashion and Function: Bucket Bags

Photo image via Just The Design

I could create a really lengthy list detailing all of the reasons why you need a bucket bag in your wardrobe this season, but I'll spare you the words and show you instead. The resurgence of bucket bags is largely thanks to many young designers who have created a fresh spin on the trend. These bags tend to be more relaxed and they offer just the right amount of class to every outfit. 

Whether your taste is edgy, feminine, boho, or preppy, there's a style for every personality. Scroll through the below to see for yourself! Click on any item to directly shop the look. Happy shopping. xx

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Transition Shoe For Spring

Image via FreePeople
In like a lion, out like a lamb. This month will be full of moments where you will be gazing down at your old winter boots thinking, I'm so over this weather. One day soon it will officially be spring and we can dig out our summery shoes and live happily ever after. Until then, we will stand strong in this awkward in-between season. If you are like me and live in ankle booties during the winter and sandals during the summer, then this time of year creates the need for an in-betweener shoe. That's where shooties come in. Shooties offer the coverage of an ankle bootie and the fashionable design of a peep toe heel. They can be easily incorporated into any spring outfit. They are carefree and look killer when paired with a fit and flare dress or boyfriend jeans. Here's a few of my favorite options currently in store. Simply click on any box to shop the look.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Accessory Fix With J.Crew

Outfit Details: J.Crew Pleated Midi Skirt in Stripe, J.Crew Elsie Pumps (c/o) also love this pair, Madewell Turtleneck (similar), New York & Company Eva Mendes Golden Necklace, Michael Kors Handbag, Ray Ban Aviators

The sun finally peeked through the clouds this weekend. Doesn't it feel like it's been overcast since November?! I spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon sitting by my bay window with a big cup of hot tea while soaking in some of the sunshine.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it's time to take your spring accessories for a spin. This season you will see lots of edgy florals, neutral ensembles with bright accents, bold prints, lacey dresses, and graphic black and white. Whether you are looking to make a statement or add an extra dose of dainty, you'll want to have a pair of neutral pumps on hand- like these Elsie heels from J.Crew. These heels serve as a powerful accessory all on their own, but what I love the most about them is their ability not to distract from the rest of the outfit. They act as an anchor piece.

What accessory do you reach for to make a statement? Maybe it's a necklace, ladylike pump, or a brightly colored bag. Regardless of your style, we all have a go-to item that makes our outfit tick. Let's consider this our #accessoryfix. Instagram how you wear your J.Crew accessories with the hashtags #acessoryfix and #jcrewcontest for a chance to be entered to win one of three $1,500 shopping sprees. That's a lot of J.Crew cash that you can create a whole new wardrobe with. Get 'gramming people!