Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stripes and Such

Outfit details: Pink Slate Boutique All That Jazz Dress Striped Dress & Around the Campfire Vest (c/o), Express lace tights, Michael Kors Boots (also love this suede tassel pair), JORD Wood Watch in Maple & Rose Gold, Zara Handbag (similar), Sheinside Sunglasses

This is going to be my fifth winter in New York City and I'm still trying to figure out how to conquer staying warm and looking somewhat stylish. Luckily, the weather has been extremely mild so there has been no need for hundreds of layers. However, January is around the corner and just thinking about the frosty temps sends chills down my spine! We need to enjoy this weather while we can, but in the meantime I want to provide a few layering tips to help prep you for the long winter months ahead.

Layering is all about pairing different patterns and textures together to create an overall cozy, yet fashionable look. Take this striped dress for example, when worn alone in the winter you would freeze your little bum off. To keep warm layer on a sweater vest and lace tights to add texture to the outfit. Now of course you can't walk out of your house like this when the temps drop below 30. You'll need a big, comfy puffer coat for that!

Just remember that layering doesn't have to be boring. Play with stripes, animal prints, faux fur, sequins, or even plaid to truly elevate your look. Can't wait to see how you mix things up this winter.



  1. The tights are too cute with that dress, love this!

  2. Perfect styling, I really love your tights! The pattern isn't so overwhelming, just the right amount of pop :)

    xx, Ashleigh |

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