Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Decoding The Midi Skirt

Meet my summer fashion secret...the midi skirt! Nothing quite evokes the image of the fifties like the full body midi skirt. And in case you were wondering, I tend to pull most of my style inspiration from the fifties. Style back then was so elegant and conservative. I think I was born in the wrong decade! Don't get me wrong, I love mini skirts too, but midis are more practical. You can wear them to work, to brunch with friends, and even to a wedding. I love how graceful it looks when paired with pumps and ladylike jewels. 

Traditionally, the midi falls below the knee or even a few inches above the ankles. When shopping for midis, it's best to search for a style that will suit your waistline. If you have wide hips, opt for a skirt with an elastic. This will help keep you comfortable. The whole point of the midi skirt is to cinch your mid-section and emphasize your curves, all while lengthening those gorgeous gams.

How to style: pair with tight-fitting tops (crop-tops are truly the best mate for midi skirts). To edge up the look, try adding deeper colored accessories, or purchase a clutch with leather detailing. I think there is something so simple and classic about a white lacey skirt paired with leather. 

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Photography by Sierra Z. For bookings contact Lora@lorawarnick.com



  1. I LOVE this look! You look so pretty! That skirt is so delicate and light, LOVE it!

    StushiGal Style

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