Monday, May 5, 2014

Dress Yourself Happy

Everyone has a unique relationship with their body. There are days when we love and embrace our flaws, and there are days when we hate them. The truth is, it's everyone's right to look and feel good. Style is a way to increase self-esteem and confidence. When you look good you will in return feel good. I've learned to take an open-arm approach to flaws and insecurities. Be accepting of your body shape. Once you stop fighting the reality of your body, you will feel beautiful. Style matters. It's the way we share our inner selves with the world. So I say this to you, accept your body and dress yourself happy

Learning to dress happy:
1- Don't buy into every trend. It's within your style "rights" to analyze each new trend that enters the market. Ask yourself, will this look right on my body? Will it make me feel confident? I realize that it's super difficult to place perspective on trends when every retailer is drilling the look into our heads, but it's important to know yourself enough to say yes or no.
2-Avoid overly-clingy clothing. No one enjoys tight clothing. It's not only uncomfortable, but it will show every fold you have. (Unless you are heading to AC or Vegas for a Bachelorette weekend, then it's ok ;). Shout out to my dearest best friend Katie Reina. Her bachelorette party is this weekend, and we have an interesting night planned for her! Please excuse our overly-clingy clothing in advance!) 
3-Buy "staple" pieces. 45% of your wardrobe should be basic staple pieces. The little black dress is an instant classic and can be worn 150 different ways (literally). Investing in these key items will actually save you money in the long run. Staple pieces include solid tees, a pair of good jeans, nude heels, ballet flats, the little black dress (obvi), tailored skirts and a black blazer. In all honesty this list could go on forever, but I'll end there for now!
4- Give your wardrobe small updates. Dressing well doesn't mean you need to break the bank. You can learn to re-invent pieces already hanging in your closet. Use a scarf as a cardigan, cover-up, shawl, headband, name it! If you are experiencing wardrobe boredom take a trip to the mall and add a fun accessory to your collection. It will instantly spice up your closet.
5- Be yourself. This is the most important step to dressing happy. Let your personality shine. The best accessory you can wear all day long? A smile!

My favorite go-to happy outfit? The little black dress of course! A classic look that will keep you comfortable and chic all day long.

Photography by Sierra Z. For bookings contact 
What I'm wearing: Little Black Dress: Dear Hannah/ Necklace: Aaraa in Hoboken, NJ/ Shoes: Chinese Laundry/ Clutch: H&M/ Ring: Mint Market



  1. Great tips, I totally agree with you!
    I really love your dress, you look really pretty!

    X Sara

  2. Loved reading this post and the pictures are gorgeous. Totally going to be taking your advice.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Hi Meg! You are so sweet! Thank you for stopping by. Heading over to your blog right now :)

  3. Such a great post and so true! You look stunning - love the dress and the lipstick!