Monday, July 21, 2014

First Date Essentials

You only have one chance to make that first impression, so make sure it's a good one!  I'll never forget my first date with my boyfriend, Rob. I was so nervous to meet him because I heard so much about him through friends. He was essentially a Greek God. He took his fraternity life serious (in a competitive way) and everyone around campus knew him. His fraternity brothers even had a t-shirt with his face on the back of it that they would wear...I couldn't decide at the time if that was super cheesy or super cool, but I was into it. I went shopping the day before and spent hours trying to find the perfect dress. This was 5 years ago, there was no such thing as social sharing fashion apps. I had to do it the old fashion way, buy 5 dresses and hope one of them was approved by the fashion committee, aka my roommates and best friends. I finally decided to wear a little black dress with ruffle details down the sides. It was so comfortable and so, me.

The countless hours spent at the mall paid off, but looking back I still remember how frantic I was shopping for the perfect dress. I wished there was a way to bring all my friends along, but not everyone has time to schlep over to the mall. Thankfully, now there is a fun way to share outfit choices with friends online. To help you get glam for your first date in the most speedy way possible, I put together a collection on Mavatar featuring my must-have beauty and style essentials. 

First date check list:
1. Dress to impress. Make sure you are physically and emotionally comfortable with your outfit. Sky high heels might seem like a cute idea, but if you decide to go for a walk after your meal you'll be fidgeting the whole time.
2. Don't over accessorize or overdo your makeup. 
3. Emphasize your features. Do you have nice shoulders, long legs, or a killer waistline? Now is your time to highlight them! The key is to conceal your chest and show off another part of your body that you feel confident about. Your outfit should be sophisticated and fun like this adorable strappy heart cut-out peplum dress from Charlotte Russe. The peplum details at the center are super flirty and the open back is so unusual. It's perfect for a romantic date night. 
4. Don't wear something with a plunging neckline. Give him something to wander about. Plus, you can always save the sultry dresses for the third date ;). 
5. Add a hint of self tanner if you are in need of a glow. It will help brighten up your look. 

Must-have first date essentials:
-Travel brush. I always say this, don't be caught in a frizz!
-Roll on perfume. It's especially important to pack a mini perfume bottle in the summer time. You need to keep it fresh and fierce in front of your new man or girl friend!
-Gum or mints. Enough said.
-Lip gloss, not lipstick. When eating is involved, you run the risk of smudges and getting it on your teeth. Not a cute look. Reach for a light lipgloss instead. It will help keep your lips smooth and the tint will fade before you begin to eat.

To view all of my first date essentials and to shop the look, click on any of the products in the below product map or hit the Mavatar button.
What I'm Wearing: Strappy Heart Cut-Out Peplum Dress- Charlotte Russe , Shoes- Aldo (similar look here), Necklace- Lough Jewelry (similar look here), Handbag- Zara

What He's Wearing: Express Top, Kenneth Cole Jeans, Burberry Watch, Nike Stefan Janoski Shoes, Firenze Tie

You can view more first date inspiration by heading over to Mavatar and typing "first date" in the search bar. There are tons of cute collections curated by other featured editors!