Monday, July 28, 2014

Triangl Swimwear: Ace The Sporty Look

Tired of the same old lacy and cut-out bikini look? Me too. When it comes to bronzing and tan lines, I like finding suits that are unique and a bit unusual. Instead of falling into the cookie cutter, step up your bikini game with a sporty suit. It's a bold and memorable style that made it's way across the runway for this summer, and the sporty details will be a winning look for next summer as well. Not sure where to turn to for the look? Triangl swimwear, an Australian swimwear brand, specializes in neoprene suits (same material that wet suits are composed of) and sporty detailing. When I was asked to review their collection I was so excited to finally find stylish bikinis with fun vibrant designs. Their suits feature bold colors, mesh overlays, zippers, and funky prints. The Winnie Holli Hyde is a personal favorite.
What makes Triangl swimwear so unique? The material is stretchy, shapely, firm, and the colors are vibrant and one-of-a-kind. I also love their 24/7 customer service. When I was ordering my bikini I was really unsure of what size top and bottom to get. The sizing guide was helpful, but I wanted to speak with someone who could answer body-specific questions. After reading online reviews, I thought I would have to order a size up, but the online stylist told me to stick to a small top and medium bottom. I'm so happy I ordered these sizes because they fit perfectly! 

Featured style: The Winnie Arizona Sunset strapless top and bottom. Their bikinis are paired together and you are free to choose different sizes for your top and bottom. This complete look is only $89! I typically spend around $100-$120 on other bikini brands because I like to mix and match which sometimes gets expensive. I really enjoyed the fact that you could order a complete set for one price. When I received the package, I was delighted to find that each suit comes with a matching bag. It's big enough to fit a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hair brush, detangler, and a bottle of water (all of my beach bag essentials). Side note, this color looks extra nice with a mid-summer tan.

Throw on a summery kaftan or maxi dress and you have a complete beach-ready look. Which Triangl style is your favorite? Will you embrace the sporty look this summer?

This post contains a product that was gifted for review


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