Monday, October 5, 2015

Feminine Tulle Skirts With Shabby Apple

Maybe it's the girly-girl in me, but in my opinion there are few things more chic than a tulle skirt. When the team over at Shabby Apple reached out to me to review their tulle skirt collection my heart nearly skipped a few beats. When given the opportunity to play dress-up in a big tulle skirt, you take it! I chose to style this beautiful long grey wooster skirt, which features layers upon layers of tulle, a fitted waistband, and a sweet bow to top off the fine details. It's truly a show-stopping party staple. There are infinte ways to dress up a tulle skirt. One of my favorite tulle outfit combos for fall is to pair the skirt with a moto jacket and ankle booties. I even love incorporating plaid print to add more dimension.

To mix things up, I decided to shoot indoors at Anya Foto's studio. I had too much fun dancing around (hence the very first shot). This skirt feels very luxe and bridal-esque, so I brought along some of my favorite bride-to-be accessories including these Olive + Piper crystal earrings, statement necklace, and Future Mrs Planner notebook. This planner has been at my side since I received it. The detailed checklists, budget worksheets, etiquette tips, and pockets for receipts have been so helpful. Not to mention, it's full of beautiful inspirational illustrations to keep you motivated. It certainly makes for a great gift for all brides-to-be.

This grey skirt may be a tad too long for everyday use, as it's more geared towards special events, but Shabby Apple does have a full collection of tulle skirts that vary in length and color. To view more options scroll through the widget below and click directly to shop.

Photography by Anya Foto


  1. So stunning, I am absolutely in love with this outfit! The skirt pairs so well with the crop. The indoor photos are incredible, too!


  2. What a fun shoot, I love that you've styled it with this unique black top!

  3. That skirt is so look stunning!

  4. You look amazing dear, love that skirt!!!

  5. You look absolutely amazing Girl! Tulle skirt is so pretty.

    xo, Alina