Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blush + Skinny Jeans

Outfit Details: Chelsea28 Pleated Hem Sweater, Madewell 9" Riser Skinny Jeans, JCrew Elsie Pump, Aaraa Accessories of Hoboken Necklace, Rings, and Handbag Pom-Pom, Aldo Handbag (similar)

I've been gravitating towards loose, easy tops like this pleated sweater. They're so versatile and can be dressed up for date night or down for casual events. The weather is finally starting to warm up here in NYC and I'm so excited to incorporate new color tones into my wardrobe. Am I the only one that gets sick and tired of winter colors? It's also worth mentioning that I am so totally over wearing boots. I don't care if my feet freeze, I refuse to wear them until next November. From now on it's all flats, pumps, and (eventually) sandals.
I am slowly ordering spring pieces like this flutter cape romper and these chic lace up flats. I'm trying not to break the bank in the process of updating my wardrobe so I will definitely keep you posted on deals that I find. Consider me your personal style hunter ;). 




  1. i've been so in love with blush colored items, that top is gorgeous.

    kierra |

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  2. In love with this top! The blush color is so lovely! You look amazing as always!


  3. Great look, Jessica and great photo shoot:)!

  4. That top is gorgeous!! And I love your hair :)

  5. Blush pink looks SO GOOD on you! And that back detail. YES.

    xoxo Justina | Just In A City
    A SF based fashion + food + travel blog | Instagram

  6. Seriously love the fourth picture! So pretty!

    Xo Lauren

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