Monday, August 8, 2016

Stripes in Ravello


It's safe to say I fell in love with Italy. Italians have simply mastered the way of life- family first, good food, and good conversation. There is so much incredible history to be discovered on the streets. We started our honeymoon in Amalfi and then ventured our way up into the mountains to stay a few nights in Ravello. These photos were snapped at Villa Rufolo, one of the most exquisite villas I've ever seen. We spent a few hours roaming the gardens and admiring the architecture. 

The weather was absolutely perfect during our two week stay in Italy. Some might say 90 degrees is a little excessive, but we really enjoyed the heat and were truly thankful for no rain! I spent the majority of my trip in this classic boater-style Evelyn Hat from Preston & Olivia. It perfectly shaded me from the sun, and is there anything better than summer whites and a wide brimmed hat? I think not!

I picked up this striped LWD from Club Monaco before my trip. This store has everything (and more) for beachy getaways. My wallet is in big trouble for the Fall season because their new arrivals are totally on point. See some of my favorites below and click directly to shop.