Monday, June 9, 2014

Bikini Of The Summer

Welcome to sophistication my fellow fashionistas. The high-waisted bikini should be on every daring gal's shopping list this summer. Why? Because it not only creates a sleek silhouette by hugging just above the hips, but it helps to form a true hourglass figure. The high-waisted style is also perfect for women with long torsos or undefined waistlines. Accessorizing those curves never felt so cutting-edge!
Have fun with this trend by picking out a look with a bright pattern. I chose to go with an electric/retro print. I have to admit, when I first put on the bikini I felt slightly uncomfortable and almost too covered up. The style is completely different from the other bikinis I own (low-rise), but once I got used to the extra coverage I really loved it! If your personal style has a dash of vintage at the roots, then this bikini is for you. Disclaimer: This style is not for everyone. If you have a boxy shape, or worry about drawing too much attention to your stomach, then opt for another style (low-rise, one-piece, sporty...etc). It's important to feel confident when you step out in your bikini!

Here are some more of the high-waisted bikinis that I'm loving.
Image: Sunburn Swimwear
 Images by Lovelyish

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