Monday, June 16, 2014

Jeans That Lift: Lucy Marie Denim

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of fresh denim. I love slipping on a new pair of jeans, but the process of finding a pair that actually fits and feels good can be exhausting. How many times have you gone to the mall to find a new pair and left feeling defeated and jean-less? This happens to me just about every season. I jump around from brand to brand in search for the "perfect fit," but usually I wind up settling. That is until I met Lucy Marie Denim.  
Lucy Marie Denim is a new label devoted to flaunting the natural curves of a woman all while creating an added lift. Yep, a butt lift. The "lucy lift" is the key feature to Lucy Marie Denim and provides a fit that you can't find anywhere else! The team drew inspiration from Brazilian fashion. If you've never met a Brazilian, let me paint a lovely picture for you. They all have very nice, round, tan butts. Don't ask me how, but they are all perfect!! I digress. Once I slipped on a pair of Lucy Marie's skinny jeans I knew we were a match. They hug my body in all the right places and I can't get over the butt lifting technology. If you are curious as to how the butt-lift action is accomplished then please keep reading :).
No matter the style of the denim that you prefer (skinny, boyfriend, wide leg, high-waisted) there are hundreds of ways you can wear them. One of my favorite looks to help elongate the lower half is to cuff the bottom of the jeans. It not only creates a boyfriend-ish look, but it's fun and pairs well with high heels. 
Outfit Details: Top: Nordstrom, Jeans: Lucy Marie Denim (c/o), Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Bracelet: Dor L' Dor
These jeans are reasonably priced around $115-$119. Where else can you spend that kind of money on an instant butt lift?! As promised, the secret to the the butt-lift. Drum roll please... The 'Lucy Lift' is accomplished by strategically positioned darts in the rear of the jeans. Brilliant. I'm hoping to later experiment with putting on 3 pairs at once and achieving Kim Kardashian's curvature. But really...
I am in love with my Lucy Marie Skinny Jeans and I know you will be too! Disclaimer: You will not be able to stop looking in the mirror at your bum. 

To learn more about Lucy Marie Denim and to snag a pair for yourself, visit them on the web. Don't forget to stop by and show them some love on FB, Twitter, and Instagram